Pass It Forward is fun, simple and FREE! Use it to:

FIND extra FASTPASSES for your favorite rides and attractions at Disneyland and California Adventure!

FORWARD your extra FASTPASSES! If you can’t use your FASTPASSES, use Pass It Forward and connect with fellow park visitors who can use them.

What is a FASTPASS? Disneyland and California Adventure crowds are heavy every day. Disney FASTPASS service helps save park visitors time by reserving their place in line for some of their favorite attractions so they can enjoy other areas of the park. Each FASTPASS is valid for the specified attraction and return time printed on the ticket.

WHY USE PASS IT FORWARD? Pass It Forward allows visitors the chance to give their passes to someone who can use them, connecting in an easy-to-use chat setting. Users can follow their favorite attractions and receive notifications the moment new passes become available. Pass It Forward users can also set the timer on their home screen to remind them as soon as they can get their next FASTPASS, or to remind them of upcoming park events such as parades or shows.