Everyone who visits Disneyland understands that there are times of the year that are more busy than others. Typically, summertime and holidays garner the most crowded “peak” times at the park, also known as surges- but there are also less busy weeks that are considered “value days”, or days that are considered “regular” (still busy, but not as packed as a “peak” day). So Disney has now started to charge separate tiered pricing based on these seasons for 1-Day tickets, with hopes to help families forecast their vacation time and offer some relief during the less busy days.

How the rates work:

  • Value days at Disneyland are now $95 per adult ticket and $89 for children between the ages of 3 and 9.
  • Regular days are now $105 per adult ticket and $99 for children.
  • Peak days are now $119 per adult ticket and $113 for children.

Previously, an adult, single-day ticket had cost $99. Children younger than 3 still do not need a ticket. So if someone wanted to save some funds during their vacation time, they could plan to visit during the “Value” dates, and those who visit during the “Peak” dates are going to have to pay 20% more.

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